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Setting up of TeleClassrooms: a win-win private partnership!


TeleClassrooms are mainly set up in small towns and villages across India.


The implementation of TeleClassrooms are envisaged with the support of private entrepreneurs. Those entrepreneurs and small businessmen (or anyone who is willing to start a TeleClassroom in his or her selected area) will be allowed to set up TeleClassrooms. These TeleClassrooms are knows are Franchisees. Edyounet TeleClassroom Franchisees will be independent business owners who are part of the large network which bring education to rural India.


Edyounet provides all support to start TeleClassrooms. This support includes sourcing of hardwares, equipments, internet connectivity and all other facilities required to start TeleClassrooms.


Many financial institutions are showing interests in providing financial assistance to those who are willing to start TeleClassrooms Franchisees.


The activity of starting and running TeleClassrooms is most suited for Educated Housewives. Managing a TeleClassroom is a hassle free affair. Once a TeleClassroom is set up and is functional, no other business problems are there. Educational courses will be available online from Education Studios through the high performing internet connectivity.


Collection of course fee from students is the onus of the TeleClassroom Franchisee. The Educational Institutes who offer education through Edyounet TeleClassroom, will fix up the course fee to be collected from students.


The responsibility of bringing more and more students to join for educational courses offered through TeleClassrooms, will be with the Franchisee. Franchisees will have facilities for students councillors and other marketing arrangements. Edyounet offers brand campaign and related promotions.