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Uniqueness of Edyounet TeleClassrooms

Unique specialties of Edyounet TeleClassroom Network is its many to many simultaneous Classroom sessions. Any number of Studios can offer Classroom sessions to any number of TeleClassrooms at the same time.

Classroom transmission model on the physical connectivity infrastructure of Internet Service Providers through Real Cast Linking is another uniqueness. This mode offer amazingly low cost of operation.

Connectivity being a major factor in this business model, lowest possible cost out go is crucial for its operational success.

The all in one box LCD encasement in the TeleClassroom is another unique product. Nowhere in the world such a product is developed. This is more so because, nowhere in the world, such a transmission methodology has been developed nor been deployed.

The combination of equipments in the studio is another uniqueness. Using all low cost equipments, a live classroom session is encoded and transmitted to as many classrooms spread all over the geography.

The integrated administration software with its attendance system and transaction tracking is another unique product. This software is uniquely and  exclusively made for TeleClassroom operation. It handles aspects right from registration of Studios, Educational Institutes, TeleClassrooms, Students, Marketing Agents to managing every bit of financial allocation, centralized attendance, maintenance of course schedule calendar of TeleClassrooms,  Studios, Institutions and students etc in unique fashion.

The entire system works on Linux based computer system is another uniqueness. Usage of Linux system contributes to its rock solid reliability and rock bottom cost effectiveness. Nowhere in the world such a full-fledged remote classroom management set up runs entirely on Linux system.


As an idea, TeleClassroom Network is conceived looking at the lacuna of education in cities and villages. A unique technological platform is designed making use of the most cost effective equipments and developing a unique methodology of administration and software. Everything used for this system is conceived, produced, procured,combined and developed from original thought processes. The entire work pattern and combination of this methodology is unique and is not available anywhere in the world.