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Specialities of Edyounet TeleClassroom Netwrok

TeleClassrooms offer a host of specialties. First and foremost is that it works on the existing Fibre Cable Connectivity of Internet Data Service Providers (ISP). Edyounet Technologies uses the physical connectivity infrastructure of Internet Service Providers through a specially configured network connection named Real Cast Linking. This methodology has two prominent advantages. The first being its lowest possible cost implication. Fiber Cable Connectivity of Internet Data Service Providers is the cheapest among all other connectivity modes like satellite connectivity or internet leased line connectivity etc.



The second being its reach. Unlike satellites which have a limited geographical foot print, Fiber Cable Connectivity of Internet Data Service Providers has global access. This feature helps it to reach anywhere in the world and thus, enable educational institutes anywhere in the world to reach to TeleClassroom set up anywhere in the world. This architecture has a great advantage that it is highly scalable. This topography can add any number of Educational Studios and TeleClassrooms spread anywhere in the world.



Another specialty of this mode of transmission is its security. The entire system works on Particular Identification numbers configured internally by the  Edyounet Technical Team. This increases the security strength and thus, offer reliable and secure connectivity. Cheap, globally accessible, reliable, secure and scalable connectivity is the backbone of Edyounet TeleClassrooms. It is for the first time in the world that this kind of a many to many educational platform configured and implemented.



Operating System Specialities of Tele-Classrooms

The entire technology works on Linux based computer systems. Linux operating system has rock solid security and is highly configurable. The Linux  operating system used in TeleClassroom architecture is customized to ensure that optimum performance is attained and security is of paramount  importance. This form of customization allows the integrators to protect the entire system from malicious interventions from outsiders thereby offering its much needed operational stability. Moreover, the entire computers connected into the network is configurable and manageable from the Central Technology HUB. This feature ensures that if any problem occurs in any computer in the network, it can be rectified instantaneously by technicians sitting in the Central Technology HUB.