TeleClassroom gets the ovation!

In the highway of life, there is only one track. The fast track. And speed does not matter. What matters is the efficiency with which one controls speed. The mediocre does not exist. Only the excellent is defined. How to equip yourself to be the elite among the best, that's what we teach you at Edyounet.

Edyounet materializes yet another benchmark in the modern education. A place where the finest minds deal with the nuances of education, Edyounet has built a platform where natural creativity is aided by the sound guidance and where knowledge is clothed with wisdom. An unconventional and truly futuristic Learning methodology!

With every advent of a new technology, history is rewritten. So is the oxford dictionary. Impossible is now an orphaned word with no apparent reason for existence. Education does not mean systematic instruction. Educational institutions have been usurped by the technology enabled distance education or TeleClassroom training. Education is now the pinnacle of expression, creativity and innovation. And TeleClassroom training plays a vital role in this massive change. TeleClassroom training has redefined the established thresholds of education.

A quick peek in to the realm of TeleClassroom education will suffice to understand the importance of technology enabled distant learning.

Setting the stage

A child lugs on his backpack when he’s three. And in most cases does not let it down till he’s thirty! With university studies, post graduation and doctorate, chances are that he spends most of his youth and vigor in education. Conventional education demands his time and money especially for a person who lives away from developed cities. Distances appear to be doubled and insurmountable.

At this crucial juncture man’s ingenuity expressed itself. This time in the form of distant data connectivity based on internet lines. An easy access to the net and one could travel, explore and learn. TeleClassroom education opened new avenues to the starved generation. The concept of TeleClassroom education came as rains in a drought parched land. People rejoice in it. Education became accessible to all irrespective of one's place of stay. No longer did the fear of distance, society, race, gender or even modernization keep one from learning.

TeleClassroom education is a destination. Many top universities got this fact revealed to them simultaneously. They discovered that whilst they were running after the “toppers” of different fields in an effort to get them in, the common people went way ahead. With determination unobstructed by barriers of ‘A+’ and ‘O’ grades, people focused on learning to understand; learning to dive in to the depths of their subject of interest; learning to sail against the wind. The universities discovered a rare substratum of intelligence that was overlooked in the scramble for recognition and glory. Consequently, the same universities vie with each other to provide a kaleidoscope of subjects in TeleClassroom.

Tech talk

TeleClassroom training requires only couple of tools. One being online connectivity. And the other pack is a large TV screen connected to computer with audio visual programs and gadgets. Since that is accessible form any part of the country, TeleClassroom training is highly sought after. There is no complicated software to be installed or no special version to be followed. The course materials are designed with clarity and care. All relevant topics related to the subject will be covered exhaustively.

Technology has enabled TeleClassroom training to have audio, visual aid and presentations. Comprehensive software testing is done to achieve maximum clarity and remove any affect arising from a poor broadcast. The TeleClassroom tutors are available throughout the session and a doubt can be cleared at any time during the class. The presentation tools and the visuals enable students to understand their lessons in a three dimensional manner. If a portion is not understood, then the student can ask a question instantaneously. This allows the student to learn without doubts.

An answer to the Why’s

TeleClassroom training saves time and money. Time because the course is in a place where one stays and do not need to travel to a city where such courses are available. Money because once a course is paid for more than one person. That is you and your best friend study together in the same classroom wherein the professor teaches from a far away city.

More people resort to TeleClassroom education. There is a wide variety of courses to choose from. In the ambiance of close to one's house, one can study and gain top degrees, follow research and climb any inaccessible area. Complementing all this is the fact that the resources available are wide and the stress taken is negligible.


Edyounet has been a pioneer in ushering in TeleClassroom training. With state of the art software and materials, Edyounet is committed to excellence in education. A refinement that bring finesse, that is what Edyounet aims at. To marshal the scattered prowess of education and to provide relevant and expert guidance, the capability of Edyounet is seldom matched.

A team of qualified professionals work tirelessly to promote the benefit of mankind. Edyounet views education seriously. Education is believed to be the foundation of man and we take no risks. The task then is to ingrain education in the minds of the pupil. No expense is spared at Edyounet to provide the best to the students.

The challenge then is to provide versatile education at the farthest corners of the country. Edyounet recognizes that the hallmark of education is not only to impart knowledge but also to generate wisdom. We strive to achieve this goal. At Edyounet, a global vision is envisaged and our students are from all the corners of the country. Since the inception of Edyounet, there has been a consistent delivery of required results. We encourage all our employees to exceed their potential.


As a prelude to an escape from the conventional methods, may we recommend to you the world of TeleClassroom training. A small world maestro. For a true encounter, visit our classrooms to know more. You can take a sojourn, but we guarantee that you will not want to leave.

Edyounet is a world awaiting the tread of an explorer or mozilla. The land is locked behind the black screen of the large TV screen. The click of a button leads you to the answer. The end of a quest. Welcome aboard. And keep discovering!