Education is Coming Closer to YOU!

Gone are the days you searched for good education. Now world class education centers are coming closer to you! Join this technological revolution.

TeleClassrooms are the in thing now.  Classroom lectures are streamed across to all TeleClassrooms in the network. 

Just walk up there and select the course you were longing to take up.  Your neighborhood digital TeleClassroom will have classes streamed from state-of-the-art teaching centers elsewhere.

And what more? its interactive too.  No less than a normal live classroom!  You can also ask questions to the faculty and get answers instantly.

Many educated people are venturing into starting Edyounet TeleClassroom Franchisees elsewhere in the country. Thousands of students are going to be benefited with these TeleClassrooms all around the country.  After all, the two most important ingredients of Luck are talent and opportunity. The opportunity for education for all talented students are fast approaching.  Make maximum use of it.