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Functional Methodology of Edyounet TeleClassrooms

Edyounet TeleClassroom Business Methodology has a three tier architecture.

a. TeleClassrooms

b. Central Technology HUB

c. Educational Studios

TeleClassroom is a traditional classroom equipped with a Large LCD screen. It is a specially configured Screen. It is integrated with touch screen facility, movie camera, computer, microphone, audio receiver, speakers, USB ports, switch and data connectivity arrangements. This system works on Linux  operating system.

The TeleClassroom is also equipped with a Linux operating system installed computer enabled with a Finger Print Scanner and a web cam.

Both these systems are connected to a Router through necessary switches.

The entire system is connected through a modem and data connectivity to a remote server set up at the Central Technology HUB.

Every TeleClassroom is connected to the Central HUB and the servers in Central HUB manage the entire TeleClassrooms as a network.

Studio Systems

There are also Educational Studios set up in as many cities. These studios are equipped with Digital Cameras. Cameras are connected to Studio Servers. Also set in a studio is an Application Computer

System (ACS) in which the studio application management software installed. ACS controls the entire gamut of Intelligent Digital Board Management  Software (IDBMS). IDBMS helps the Teacher to manage Interactive Classrooms.

Teacher's writing board!

With IDBMS, Teacher can write with a digital marker pen tool on a Interactive Digital Board (IDB) kept in front of him. Teacher can not only write on the board, but can also draw images, bring graphs, symbols, icons, shapes etc. There is facility to add as many writing pages on the board. These pages can be browsed forward and backward. Whatever is written on the board remains till the teacher closes the application.

Students can Answer by writing on their LCD Screen

The most brilliant part of the Interactive Digital Board (IDB) is that students sitting in any of the TeleClassroom can walk up to their Interactivity enabled LCD screen and write on it with their fingers or the digital pen tool provided to them in their classrooms. This is a brilliant feature because, teacher can test the learning level of his students sitting in TeleClassrooms miles away by telling them to write on the board what they learned. This feature is highly useful in teaching subjects like Mathematics etc. Whatever a student writes on the IDB of his classroom can be seen by all students in all other TeleClassrooms.  Students will no longer be passive listeners; In TeleClassrooms they will be active participants.

Powerful Presentations

Teacher can also run Slide Presentations on the screen. Any number of presentations files can be uploaded on to the server and can be browsed forward and backward. Teacher can highlight on the slides with the help of the digital marker pen. Any number of slides can be loaded on the screen and presented. Whatever highlighting is applied on the presentations remains there till the teacher closes this application.

Play Video

Videos which are uploaded on to the application server can also be played on demand. These videos can be managed with functions like load, unload, pause, play, stop, delete etc. Teacher can play a video from any of its frame. This feature allows him to play only required portion of the video and skip unnecessary portions.

Show Teacher's Computer Screen

Another feature of the Intelligent Digital Board Management Software is its capability to stream the screen shots of a computer connected to the system. If a computer or a laptop is connected to the system, whatever work is done on that computer or Laptop will be made available on to the LCD screens of all the TeleClassrooms. This feature helps the teacher to teach computer applications or software to students sitting in TeleClassrooms set up far and wide. This feature also allows teacher to surf internet real time to show digital contents to students. Internet being a reservoir of information, by opening informative websites in front of students, teacher can provide students the whole world of information.

Real Time

Real time interactive nature of TeleClassrooms is its strong point. Teacher can receive questions from any classrooms. Students in TeleClassrooms talk to teacher through the microphones on real time basis. As they ask questions, the video of the classroom is also shown on the LCD screens of other  classrooms. This video feature helps students in other classrooms to see the students who ask questions and thereby developing familiarity. Students can also send written queries using their wireless keyboard to teacher while the session is in progress. Teacher may tend to answer those written questions that keep coming in on an ongoing fashion or may reserve them for answering towards the end of the session. Real time question answer sessions help students to gain in-depth knowledge in the subject given.


One of its kind

Edyounet TeleClassroom is a superior networked technology which caters to Education field providing the much needed 'reach' for educational institutions and much waited ' availability of good quality of education to students.