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Want to reach out to millions of students who otherwise won't reach you?

Edyounet, a brilliant Online Education Platform, can help you teach all those discerning students who live far away from you!

Your classrooms can be streamed live across to so many TeleClassrooms coming up everywhere in the country.

A TeleClassroom is a state-of-the-art technology enabled classroom that can show your classrooms on Large LCD Television. Students can interact with your teachers on real time basis to clear their doubts instantaneously!

 And how to start? Simple. Just organize your faculty to offer your course on Edyounet TeleClassroom. The classroom will carry your logo and institutional identity. All TeleClassrooms across India will market your courses to prospective students.

So, there you are! Offer your expertise from your place to any student sitting anywhere in India!

Don't you think, its time that your courses reach to millions of students in every nook and corner of India?

If so, act fast. Grab a share of this ultra modern technology before someone else makes a smart move!

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