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Inviting Proposals to start a TeleClassroom Franchisee


We at Edyounet take pleasure in inviting you to evaluate the possibilities of setting up a TeleClassroom in your concerned area.

Business Possibilities of an Edyounet Franchisee:

Education is the only recession proof industry other than Medical field. New technologies always improve the quality of education and the proposal offered by Edyounet also does the same.

There are millions of students who are interested in taking up best quality education but are deprived of that facility just because they stay away from places where excellent education is provided. This lacuna is what Edyounet is trying to fill.

Edyounet has developed a technological platform which can transmit Educational courses offered by prominent Institutions from their studios to TeleClassrooms set up in various places in the country. TeleClassrooms will have LCD screens, microphones and other gadgets set up. This technology works on Internet and as of today Internet is available on almost all parts of the our country. Using this Internet connectivity, Edyounet can reach out to the farthest corners of India and stream the world class courses offered by Educational Institutes.

Indian students have excellent educational orientation and their zest is the basis of this business.

As an Independent Business Owner, you will be starting an Edyounet TeleClassroom Franchisee at a given place and ensure that the students in that vicinity are benefited. Regular and Professional Colleges have consented to set up TeleClassrooms in their campuses.  And hence, you as an entrepreneur can set up a TeleClassroom Franchise in the campus of your near by college.  Colleges have captive students and they can make use of your facility to learn niche courses while being in the college.


TeleClassroom is a profitable business and thus it gets its righteous standing ovation from Franchisees, Institutes and students.  But more than profit, it is a business which help under privileged students to come up in life. And to that extend, it is a noble business. Always one should look at the social commitment of a business that at the end of the day, it should be an endeavour which pays off with ultimate satisfaction to one's conscience. This is exactly should be the reason why one starts a TeleClassroom in his area. Lack of competition, lower capital investments and excellent profitability etc are only secondary reasons. And with this object, that we look for entrepreneurs with noble social commitment to come forward to start TeleClassrooms.

A detailed investment sheet in comparison with income and expenditure statement is readily available for anyone who wishes to start a TeleClassroom. Please feel free to contact us.