World Class Education coming to Villages through Edyounet TeleClassrooms!


Education-seeking students who stay in far flung areas can rejoice now! Irrespective of your place of stay, education comes searching for you! Edyounet, the FIRST EVER TeleClassroom network in India, is here to stream World-Class Educational Courses to TeleClassrooms in any remote area on real time basis.

TeleClassrooms are digital classrooms equipped with large LCD Televisions, computers, and other audio-visual gadgets. These digital classrooms in villages and small towns are connected via the internet to Education Studios set up in larger cities from where high quality courses are offered by excellent educational institutions.

The classes offered from such educational studios are streamed across to all Edyounet TeleClassrooms. Students come to their nearest Edyounet TeleClassrooms and attend the digital streaming of classrooms. Large LCD TVs display real life video of the teachers who teach from the Education studios. These real life video and excellent quality audio together creates exemplary classroom feel. Many entrepreneurs are showing their interest to start Edyounet TeleClassrooms in their villages and towns.

The most significant feature of the TeleClassroom is its interactive nature. Students can ask questions to teachers and get the answers instantaneously! This helps the participants to ensure that the classroom sessions are taught and learned well.

Another striking point in this mode of education is its cost effectiveness. One teacher teaching so many students across the state or country, makes the cost per head so very less, that quality education fits well within anyone's affordable level.

TeleClassrooms are thus, the digital transformation of the traditional classrooms with the teacher being tele-screened from a studio.

From now on, with the advent of TeleClassrooms, quality education will be available in every nook and corner of India!